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Heated mirrors offer additional safety by clearing mirrors from frost, snow or condensation allowing the driver a clear view, creating a safer driving experience.

The H-MOD upgrade module allows a vehicle that came with unheated mirrors from the factory to be upgraded to heated mirrors. This kit will power original equipment type mirror heaters, like those found on our heated Signal® mirrors.

The H-MOD is activated via switch (included) by the driver to power the mirror heaters. The switch can be mounted on the dashboard, center console, etc. for easy access. When the H-MOD switch is activated, it lights up steady-on and the cycle begins. When the cycle completes, the heaters automatically shut off and the lighted switch flashes. Turn off the switch to end the flashing. The H-MOD can be reactivated for additional cycle(s) as needed.

This kit will power heated mirrors which will need to be purchased separately and installed in place of the original unheated mirrors.

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The H-MOD (Heated Mirrors on Demand) upgrade module allows a vehicle that came with unheated mirrors from the factory to now include the heater option. (Heated mirrors sold separately.)

Q: What does the H-MOD stand for?
A: The H-MOD stands for Heated-Mirrors On Demand.

Q: What does the H-MOD add to my vehicle?
A: The H-MOD will add the necessary wiring, switch and circuitry to safely add heated Signal® Mirrors to your vehicle that has unheated mirrors from the factory. The H-MOD powers the heater on the back of the mirror. The H-MOD does not add a heater to the mirror which is why a heated mirror kit must be purchased separately.

Q:I see a mirror size listed; how do I compare to my mirror?
A:You will need to measure your mirror from the lower outboard side to the upper inboard side for each mirror on your vehicle. If there are multiple sizes listed, selecting the correct size is critical to assure a proper fit. If you only see one size, it’s likely your vehicle only has one mirror available from the factory. (It doesn’t hurt to measure if you’re not sure.)

Q: What type of warranty comes with the H-MOD kit?
A: The H-MOD is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of sale to original purchaser. This warranty excludes labor, broken glass, or other situations that cause harm to the product after it has been shipped from the factory–such as damage, unreasonable use, modifications, or alterations. In the event of a defect, Muth reserves the right to evaluate the problem through Quality Control and at Muth’s discretion, replace the defective product. Any warranty replacement part will be charged to the customer when shipped. Credit will be given when the defective part is returned to and received by Muth, and the replacement is warranted. If you are a credit card customer, credit will be issued to your account within five (5) business days. If you are a COD customer, a check will be written to you within five (5) business days. If you have an open account, a credit will be issued against your account. Warranty covers replacement cost of product only.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Obtain a Return Authorization Number within 30 days from the date of original invoice. Return Authorization Numbers are good for 30 days. No return will be allowed if the return request exceeds 30 days from date of invoice. Any product returned without a Return Authorization Number will be refused. All products returned in the original packing, in a new and unused condition-with all parts, labels and instructions included-will be credited the original invoice price less a 10% restocking fee. Any product returned in a used condition or with contents missing will not receive credit. Shipping charges on all returned merchandise must be prepaid. Credit will not be given on shipping and handling charges.

Q: Is it necessary to have the H-MOD installed by a professional? Can I do it myself?
A: Muth Mirror Systems strongly recommends professional installation of this kit. Ideally, installers who are experienced in installing aftermarket alarm systems, remote starters, or audio-visual systems should perform this installation. This is a universal or non-model specific kit and it is impossible for us to provide detailed installation instructions for all specific applications. Check out the instructions here.

Q: Where can I have my H-MOD professionally installed?
A: You can call us at 1-800-844-6616 or download our Key Installer listing from here to help you find a recommended professional installer in your area. There is a map as well as a .PDF that includes key installers for each state and additionally specific contacts and phone numbers within each company.

Q: I already have Signal Mirrors® installed. Can I add the H-MOD so I have heated mirrors?
A: If the kit you originally installed was a heated kit, then you can add the H-MOD to power the existing heaters. If the kit you originally installed was non-heated, then you will need to purchase a heated Signal Mirror® kit and the H-MOD to add heated mirrors.

Q: How detailed are the installation instructions? Where can I get a copy?
A: The H-MOD is a universal or non-model specific kit. This means that there are no detailed instructions for your specific model of vehicle. It is up to the installer to determine the best circuit location to tap into. Because of this, install times can vary greatly, and will depend on the installer’s familiarity with the specific vehicle. The H-MOD installation instructions are found here.

Q: What if I need help while completing my H-MOD installation?
A: Call our tech support at 1-800-844-6616 and a Muth representative can help you with your specific situation.

Download the instructions here.

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